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Accounting for Merchandising Activities
Debits and Credits (Double Entry Accounting)
Business Valuation Formulas
Time Value of Money & Present/Future Values
Complex Debt & Equity Instruments
Common Stock & Shareholder's Equity
Accounting & Finance Ratios
Valuing Common Stock
Corporate Income Taxes
Lower of Cost or Market (LCM) & Inventory Valuation
Chart of Accounts & Bookkeeping
Bonds Payable & Long Term Liabilities
Capital Assets
GAAP, Accrual & Cash Accounting, Information Commodity, Internal Controls & Materiality

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Career Center - Explore Careers in Accounting & Finance

>> Careers in Accounting as a Financial Analyst

A career in Accounting as a Financial Analyst can be a very lucrative career for individuals who have got a good sense of numbers, advanced skills in analyzing & interpreting data and superior Microsoft Excel skills. A Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting or Economics is a must and companies generally require at least 2 years of experience for introductory level financial analysis jobs. The incumbent must have a strong sense of numbers because it is the numbers that can make or break the company, if financial records are accurate, then managers can make better decisions in how to operate the company. Financial analysis includes portion of credit analysis, risk analysis, operations analysis, P&L analysis of companys' stores, performance & variance analysis... (View Full)

> Careers in Accounting as a Corporate Controller

A career in Accounting as a Corporate Controller requires a very hands-on approach to solving complex accounting problems including solving tough internal control issues, consolidation issues between parent companies & subsidiaries, prepare financial & sales budgets, keep track of company overhead, better accounting processes of the company including inventory controls, better cash flow management & minimize accounts receivable while improving free cash flow... (View Full)

> Careers in Accounting as a Tax Manager

Specializing in Tax Management can be a very lucrative & rewarding career, however it requires a high level of knowledge & understanding of newest tax laws, rules & requirements of the Tax Act of whichever country you reside in. A tax manager typically reports to the Tax Director or Vice President / Chief Financial Officer of an organization. Any tax manager must participate in the company's global tax initiatives including compliance, planning, and researching... (View Full)

> Careers in Accounting as a Financial Accountant

A career in Accounting as a Financial Accountant requires the ability to think outside the box and perform a bit of financial accounting & a bit of financial analysis. Financial accountants generally have the responsibility of extracting, analyzing and maintaining all of the company's financial data including revenues, expenses, store P&L, etc to publish internal financial statements that will be viewed and supervised by the Corporate Controller.


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