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How to Become a Chartered Financial Analyst - Accounting Questions Answered

I stumbled upon the CFA website today and found it is a wonderful resource for anyone who is looking to become a finance/investment expert and indulge in a career in financial analysis. Truly, it is a rewarding career with high bonus potential and maximum job satisfaction if you love what you are doing or planning to do. Did you know there are 90,000 voting members in the CFA organization and 136 societies worldwide?

Important Details about CFA Program

1) The CFA designation is a self-study program where you study at your own pace via in person classes or from home.

2) The CFA Program requires you to study for and pass three levels of exams. If you pass the exams and meet other ethical & professional requirements, you earn a CFA charter.

How to Earn a CFA Charter
You will find all the details regarding becoming a CFA charter holder via this link however here is the summary:

1) Enrol yourself in the CFA program and look at the applicable fees here

2) Meet the entrance requirements which are as follows:

a. Have a U.S. bachelor's (or equivalent) degree

b. or be in the final year of your bachelor's degree program at the time of registrationc. or have four years of qualified, professional work experience

d. or have a combination of work and college experience that totals at least four years
(Note: Summer, part-time, and internship positions do not qualify.)

e. Understand the professional conduct requirements (you will be asked to sign statements of Professional Conduct and Candidate Responsibility)

f. Be prepared to take the exams in English

3) Pass the 3 sequential exams and meet the professional conduct requirements.

4) Once you pass the 3 exams, become a CFA member in order to apply for a charter. Once you become a charter holder, you can work for large banks, mutual fund associations, investment companies, etc as a chartered financial analyst and grow your career. However once you become a charter holder, you must maintain that status by following the following rules:

o Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (PDF)

o Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

o Rules of Procedure for Proceedings Related to Professional Conduct (PDF)

o Other conditions, requirements, policies, and procedures that may be established and amended from time to time

o You must also submit an annual Professional Conduct Statement and pay membership dues.

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